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Winter Tales to share on surviving

February 16, 2014

We all have winter tales to share now. The laws of nature are not bound by the hot air of man’s law and leaders. The good folks living in New York city have my sympathy. I love visiting, but am not sure about returning with your current mayor. There is no counting the number of winter storms that have claimed control of the East Coast this winter. Anyway, saw the video of heavy snow, blowing snow, and the mayor standing tall on keeping schools open in week of Valentine’s Day. Probably can be sure he has rules and restrictions on enjoying the traditional Valentine’s Day in HIS schools. Safe travel for your children be damned! Risking life and limb for what reason? His school superintendent must live in some magic land of bubbles and rainbows. She said “It’s beautiful outside!” Your children are doomed!

Our fearless leader is cranking out more carbon restrictions with regulations to make our lives miserable. These new rules, regulations, and laws are being done to save nature? Obama is fighting “GLOBAL WARMING”! Talk to the people in the South on their winter of global warming. I think he signed some new rules while golfing in California, and his beloved Michelle spending our money in Aspen, Colorado. There is a new solar panel facility reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. Obama was proud of such efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The birds who are unaware of our global warming impending doom are getting killed. It seems they are literally being cooked to death when flying over this massive area of mirror solar panels. Is it possible we are INCREASING GLOBAL WARMING by reflecting all the sun’s heat right back into atmosphere?

Our weather forecasters are trying to stay popular in Wisconsin Green Bay area. They don’t want to keep dumping more dire predictions of heavy snow and cold in their forecasts. So they don’t tell us, but we get the bad weather without them telling us! Picture in this post is of my top deck rail this morning with over a foot of snow perched on the rail. My Summertime Tiki God is mad and covered with snow on the rail. It is 5 degrees out right now. I had to buy propane at double the price last week to get through this Winter. The brilliant morons Gore and Obama (G.O.!) can stuff their pie hole with snow.

We all know Spring is coming! We don’t know if we can make it Spring? I am glad we got propane delivered last Monday to get to Spring. My only consolation is that I don’t live in New York with a meathead for a mayor. The school kids and their parents in New York, I wish you good luck! I would not risk my family’s safety listening to that moron.

More snow than we need everywhere!

More snow than we need everywhere!

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