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Follow the money! It’s leaving the USA!

February 11, 2014

Corporations are keeping earnings from foreign operations in foreign banks so the USA can’t tax them again after paying taxes in foreign countries. Many billions of dollars are staying away based on business. But recently, rich people are moving out of the country by taking foreign citizenship. The smart rich people moved out of Germany before Hitler got the war machine going full force.

We don’t see our country from this refugee perspective, unless you had immigrant parents (like my parents fleeing German war of conquest). The rich folks have concerns. The 1% know they are the 1%. Obama saying my buddies don’t need to worry does not reassure the 1%. The poor illegal immigrants will continue to flow unabated into our country. The rich are leaving without any notice by our commercial news media.

Some countries are very difficult to purchase property if you are an expatriate. Switzerland will give most folks a visa. Becoming a resident is a whole different deal. It’s their country and their rules. Our country and our rules allows thieves, drug smugglers, to wander across with the illegal immigrants. I prefer Switzerland approach. I enjoy visiting Switzerland and would love to stay for a few months. I know I couldn’t live there because it’s expensive. Great cigar shops, awesome chocolate, and fabulous watches that can take a year’s income in one shopping trip! The 1% get concierge private salon shopping experience. The jewelry stores in Switzerland have a ultra private floor for the heavy hitters 1%.

So why are the 1% leaving? No reporters have interviewed any of the 1% on their way out. Democrats may need to move their fund raisers to Brazil and Belize, but may be sad to learn no handouts now that they’re free of the blood suckers.

First couple may be last on invite list of 1% families.

First couple may be last on invite list of 1% families.

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