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Groovy baby! Democrats proud Obamacare won’t force you to work!

February 10, 2014

We were so much smarter before everybody got college degrees! “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” was a television series with gentle humor and satire on the dreams and aspirations of young adults. My favorite character was Maynard G Krebs played by Bob Denver. He enjoyed free loading and being lazy. Krebs always exclaimed “WORK?!” whenever Dobie’s dad offered him pocket money by working at his grocery store. In the late 1950’s, Krebs was a beatnik in training, before the flower power enlightenment was even hatched.

Dobie was dreaming of romantic conquests, and settling for middle class entertainment. Anyway, I had no idea that Krebs is considered today a hero blazing a trail of artistic freedom by Democrats in Congress and Senate today. Beware of “job lock” and be grateful that these same Democrats now offer freedom from “WORK?!” Yes to qualify for Obamacare subsidies you may need to reduce income and work, but consider the benefits of poverty! FOOD STAMPS! OBAMA PHONE! More time to discover yourself. What if I know I am boring and don’t want to be bored by myself?

The wildest benefit claim of Democrats was that single mom’s with children can spend more time with their children? So what happened to women being entitled to careers with day care at their employer’s place of business? Why are women forced to spend more time with their children instead of work? Less money for your children helps how? Who needs to buy winter coats or new shoes as young children grow bigger quickly? Kids don’t get to stay home as they should be going to infant care, pre kindergarten care, kindergarten care, grade school so mom will sit home watching television?

We encourage day dreaming and impossible dreams to replace money lost by reduced work due to Obamacare. You can join a curling club to broom the ice in front of your rock sliding to the rings. When we were a lot smarter, everybody wanted more money and some agreed to work more to get money. Reducing your work and effort is now patriotic and heroic?

I must agree our Democrat Senators and Congress are great role models for shirking work. How come they all become millionaires when not working? It’s the magic of lobbyists that money magically appears and job offers to Senators and Congress to do nothing for a lot of money. Then these same Senators and Congress folk ask us to give them money so they can keep fighting for us? I is confused!

Play bongo drums and avoid "WORK!?"

Play bongo drums and avoid “WORK!?”

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