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Mission Impossible presumed technical security?

February 9, 2014

Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise had the premise that our national security files were in an impenetrable vault. It was exciting escapism to see Tom Cruise sneak down to a super computer using amazing stealth. Eric Snowden took away all that magic and suspense.

Snowden switched from the mainland to Hawaii to work for NSA. Not a bad choice of location! I wish I knew NSA was in Hawaii when we went on vacation so I could come in as a visitor and visit high security areas as a tourist. Anyway, the subcontractor employee Snowden downloaded a trillion files or so. NSA finally woke up and discovered some files were pilfered somehow. NSA thought it was Snowden. John Kerry as Secretary of State didn’t bother to put the USA passport of Snowden on list for restricted travel. This doesn’t fit the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE suspense and lethal response of our top secret guys. Tom Cruise downloads a bunch of files, walks out the front door and uses his own passport to leave the USA? That would make an unbelievable premise for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

AFTER Snowden boards a plane for China, Kerry says WOOPS! Gee, how did Snowden leave the USA? Kerry’s gang that can’t shoot straight were amazed and mad that China and Russia would let Snowden arrive ILLEGALY! His passport is now not in order! Kerry has to be considered one of Obama’s most brilliant appointments.

Kerry throws spitballs at China and Russia to kick Snowden out. Both countries pledge to consider the importance of Kerry’s threats, while laughing over drinks. Obama recognizes that his administration is so inept, the only smart response of president is to ignore and treat this as smallball and insignificant.

NSA doesn’t know how much Snowden took. The hundreds of billions of dollars on snooping computer technology had no safeguards from theft? That makes all of us feel confident that our confidential files nobody will look at ever walk out front door of NSA by a thief! Yes, we can trust NSA not to look at our confidential files. Anyone else can look at them by stealing them from NSA!

The public actually thinks our security is like the movies. Yeah, the 3 Stooges movies are like our security. In a funny way, Hollywood is a propaganda dream factory for our government. Yes, citizens our security system is like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Gee, that is awesome! It’s only a movie. Eric Snowden is our security system and our White House likes the movies. Obama watches cable television, tweets on Twitter, takes selfies at funerals, plays golf, travels a lot but is ignorant of our security concerns. Maybe he can appoint Tom Cruise to look into the Snowden affair?

Snowden was smarter than NSA?

Snowden was smarter than NSA?

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