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Welcome to Olympics in Sochi Russia

February 8, 2014

NBC television sent too many talking heads to Sochi. Russia is not perfect? Really? Millions died in Stalin “worker’s paradise” including many relatives I never got to meet. The people of Russia endured and survived and just now are starting to see seedlings of capitalism and freedom of speech. USA is now on the other side of this process. Our people are seeing more IRS, FBI, OSHA, EPA and healthcare regulations and restrictions on freedom. NBC doesn’t seem to care about the group think propaganda mentality on their coverage of the USA under the NSA microscope.

The biggest complaint on Russia Olympics opening ceremony is a failed electronic display of Olympic Rings? Gee did some of the people have underwear that didn’t fit well too? How about the toilet paper in Sochi? If I go to see a spectacular concert or ice hockey game, do I complain about a bad decoration or their bathroom? I remember the event, not the flaw that won’t diminish the memory of enjoyment.

So NBC talking heads start discussing the theme of military domination in Russia and the sanctity of gay life style protection. How about NBC bathrooms and technical glitches on national broadcasts that aren’t perfect? How many of these television personalities actually know the history of Russia, or even current events there? How about Obama backing off every time Putin challenges the USA leader?

Putin announces the Winter Games open.

Putin announces the Winter Games open.

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