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President leadership same as Donner party?

February 6, 2014

How far did the Donner party get in their quest for a short cut to California? The early snow in Sierra mountains of Nevada stopped the wagon train dead in their tracks. At that point with supplies nearly depleted, and no way to get out, then a pack from the expedition went out to seek help and assistance. Help did arrive after 4 months and starvation and death to half of the pioneers. The cannibalism and extremes necessary to survive are a cautionary tale to us folks today.

Our fearless leader has the country on a winding path into unknown territory without a map or a reason to face mortal dangers. If there is any doubt on the courage of our leadership, just see how quickly president backs down from Putin!?

The elderly and sick are being led down the Donner Pass of Obamacare. We know there will be not a word in the commercial news media on the cancer patients losing their oncologist and their medicine. There is no need for a death panel, with stricter penalties to deny medical treatments without reams of forms to authorize treatment for elderly patients.

Of course, the Donner party is ancient history. In these modern enlightened times, nobody would be dumb enough to get snowbound traveling in the mountains. Winter storms can’t kill us modern folk. That is until we are out of propane heating fuel, and downed electric lines from ice, and highways clogged with thousands of stranded vehicles going nowhere.

Our country lacks any enlightened interest in improving the lives of average citizens from the White House. The hope and change promises are like the vision of pioneers yearning for paradise on the western shore of our country. The Donner party had to eat a few pioneers, and I don’t endorse cannibal cook books for our country, yet.

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where is the map to future?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where is the map to future?

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