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Governor Christie fatigue

February 2, 2014

Why does the USA have to care about Governor Christie either lying or being incompetent. He’s only a governor. We got a president that is either lying or incompetent!

I really believed that Mitt Romney could be elected president! My hopes started to fade, and the nail in the coffin was Christie at nominating convention of Republicans! I don’t care about Christie childhood or parents, or his values. I don’t care about Christie. Christie cares about Christie. How or why the Republicans were dumb enough to allow him introducing Romney confirms Republicans are stupid. Somewhere in Christie rambling, we were supposed to be teased and connected to the candidate that could beat Obama. It never happened because Christie could only talk about himself. His ego is larger than his girth!

If Democrats are lying and setting up Christie, then I say THANK YOU! Romney was too nice and did not tell Obama “You are lying!” during debates. Romney was too nice to walk out and hook Christie off stage from his terrible introduction for Romney! I would have kicked his fat ass off the stage and cut him short! Christie must NEVER BE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE! Nobody will vote for him.

3 losers that screwed their political parties!

2 losers that screwed their political parties!

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