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EPA ignores methane violations in Washington DC

February 1, 2014

Our government loves to write laws and create more regulations. We pretend that our laws rule the universe. The laws of man do not over rule the laws of nature. Recent example was a dairy barn in Germany that exploded the roof off due to methane, but the cows were not harmed.

Our Environmental Protection Agency has been ignoring the methane levels at dangerous levels in Washington DC today. EPA wants to regulate and interfere everywhere else in the USA, except in Washington DC now! It’s good that we prohibit smoking indoors, since a match could raise the roof in White House, Senate, and Congress. All these places have been generating a lot of methane.

You can pretend that they are not producing dangerous levels of methane, but you can sure smell it when you visit Washington DC now. The EPA can generate as much methane as they want, but they can regulate everybody else? The laws of nature over rule the laws of man. EPA wants to limit methane and cow by products. EPA has no restrictions on DC methane!

sows less danger than politicians!

cows less danger than politicians!

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