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Anarchists with bombs and guns ignore laws!

January 26, 2014

Bill Ayers fancied himself a revolutionary that was blowing up the USA love of military and police. His ego created WEATHERMEN group to carry out terrorist attacks to kill the defenders of the USA. His buddies get killed while he watches the USA ignore his brilliant attack on the police and military. His delusion is commonplace. Self absorbed genius turns out to be mediocre lightweight intellect and terrible propaganda skills.

The Boston Bomber brothers were more effective than Ayers but did not move the public sentiment to their cause. The Colorado movie killer did not get his bombs at home to explode, sort of like inept Ayers. Now, the mall killer had some bombs that failed to give his death more of an impact.

World Trade Center buildings had bombs in parking garage that didn’t bring down the towers in 1993. Columbine killers had bombs too. It seems bombs deserve some concern! Bombs can kill more people than guns with a limited range of killing.

Why don’t we have anti bomb focus on our laws and propaganda campaign of Eric Holder? We can appoint Bill Ayers as the Czar of BOOM! President Obama should spend time with his political patron Ayers. Bill can provide some unique insights into the delusions and mental weakness that leads people to blow up buildings and people.

Bombs are Bill's preferred method of killing.

Bombs are Bill’s preferred method of killing.

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