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No propane so freeze to death now!

January 25, 2014

The discovery of fire saved mankind. Our ingenuity and advances do not erase the threats of nature to freeze us to death right now. We are out of propane fuel in the state of Wisconsin. There are many homes with tanks near empty for running their furnace. There are no supplies to deliver for their tanks! If you don’t have a wood burning stove, like me, then drain the water pipes so they don’t burst from ice and leave home. Thousands of families are facing this crisis in the worst winter in decades with another below zero week ahead!

This proves to me what I have lived as my guiding principle. Don’t rely on the government in life or death situations. They are great for EPA regulations and creating fees to prevent Global Warming. NO strategic reserves for heating oil or propane to heat homes proves the “government” does not look out for the welfare of the people in matters of life and death. Fines, regulations, stupid rules are in abundance. Life saving strategic reserves are not necessary in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY! This winter is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY but calling it a NATIONAL EMERGENCY would require work on the part of government folks. Plus, it makes GLOBAL WARMING look pretty stupid as a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

I did not top off my propane tank to full. I bought enough early in January to get me through the months of January and February. If I waited 10 days, they would NOT HAVE PROPANE! Plus the little propane available last delivered in last few days was DOUBLE THE PRICE I PAID!

By March the wood stove is all we need, except last year when we had snow storms in March. Anyway, I use wood through the winter. The times we are out of the house, the furnace gets the job done with propane fuel. I have enough wood stacked up for 10 years.

Anyway, for all those folks that never bothered setting up a cast iron wood burning stove, now is too late. You can’t set up a chimney and install it now with 2 feet of snow on your roof, and northwest winds howling the wind chill to 20 below zero. Will anyone bother preparing better for next winter? Surely not, since this kind of winter won’t happen again with Global Warming! However, this winter is tougher than last winter that was tougher than the winter before.

So don’t expect anyone from the government to save you from freezing to death, running out of food, or running out of gasoline. The pioneer spirit is making a return. Those without the pioneer spirit are more likely to die waiting for help.

Wisconsin out of propane!  I'm not out of wood!

Wisconsin out of propane! I’m not out of wood!

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