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New York and D.C. get a taste of Global Warming!

January 22, 2014

If North Dakota, or Wisconsin have blizzards and bone chilling cold temperatures, nobody cares from the power centers of the USA. Snow is falling in New York! Flights are canceled! Headlines, hysteria on television, and the Mayor telling people it’s cold outside so don’t go outside! D.C. shuts down because they can’t shovel snow. D.C. can shovel bull manure around the clock, but not snow. NOW GLOBAL WARMING IS SUSPECT! Why? When the East Coast gets a blizzard, then they are upset and mad at the lying climate change “experts”!

Winter is not leaving anytime soon. I invite all the Global Warming experts to the SuperBowl to explain to the global audience on how Global Warming is our most important crisis in the USA! Now we are being blamed for pollution from China, because China is making stuff they are selling to make money off USA! Is there no end to blaming the USA for EVERYTHING!?! Why is everything always our fault?

Blizzards and brutal cold winds are blowing away the CLIMATE CHANGE hysteria. We are more worried about actually dealing with the problems of Winter, then the scientists crying wolf about polar bears dying from heat.

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

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