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Polar Vortex RETURNS! We’re doomed!

January 20, 2014

Where are the climate change scientists hiding? We are about to get another winter blast from “THE POLAR VORTEX”! Global warming is nowhere to be found now. I guess all those thousands of Environmental Protection Agency regulations did prevent global warming? But what about protecting us from Polar Vortex? Do we have regulations for that? Expect another 70,000 regulations any day now. When will our fearless leader talk to us about the weather? He’s talked to us about every other thing he’s done nothing about. Might as well add weather to the list he can do nothing about.

He does have a pen. He does have a phone. Not sure what that means, but it must mean something to our president.

There are single mothers who cannot afford their utility bills. These hard working moms are on the edge of financial disaster every month. If their car breaks down or if their school adds another special activity fee, then the pennies can’t cover the extra expenses. The anxiety and suffering of hard working families just getting enough to survive is a heavy weight to carry. Now, a brutal winter demanding a new winter coat, new winter boots, new gloves may seem like small challenges. If you are stretched to your last penny, then the guilt and shame of denying proper winter clothes on heads of family is another burden.

Why can’t the world’s greatest economy be let free to expand? Why can’t we have families gaining ground instead of hanging onto a ledge by their fingertips? We can’t change the weather or the climate. We can step back and let our economy raise the level of financial strength for millions of families in despair. Stop meaningless meddling in regulations that do not protect or help the environment or our lives.

"What me worry?"

“What me worry?”

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