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Obama brags; “I got a pen and I got a phone!”

January 18, 2014

Just in case anyone wondered if our president did not have a pen or a telephone, our fearless leader reassured the country! Yes, our president does have both a pen and a telephone! We are relieved and reassured!

He is feeling confident that this year, finally will be his year of taking action. Really? Compared to what? Sounds like he’s ready for another vacation soon.

Somebody please take away his telephone privileges. Also take away that selfie picture cell phone!. It’s time to work and stop yakking or yukking on his phone.

When will our president start handing out those shovels? He keeps talking for the last 5 years about more shovel ready jobs. So how about 25 million shovels to put the people back to work that left 5 years ago from work force? He told us he is ready to take action this year. So don’t expect anything for 3 years.

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where are shovels?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where are shovels?

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