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Let’s go back to cold hard cash!

January 18, 2014

No cyber criminal can rob me. I don’t use credit cards. I carry cash and pay cash. Yes, there are pick pockets, and thieves and robbers that can steal my cash. However, the most I could lose is what I am carrying with me. My credit union account will not get cleaned out.

The Russian peasants did not want to carry silver and gold coins because they were too heavy. Since the Russian Revolution not too many have to worry about having too much money. Paper money started convenience and counterfeiting. I like silver dollars of older days. I like the dollar coins recently issued. A hundred dollar coins will tug your trousers down to your ankles and rip your trousers pockets. However, if I spend $40 or $50 then you won’t lose your pants. My wife would probably put $100 or $200 in coins in her purse, and that would wallop any crook pretty good! Plus a $25 roll of coins in the palm of my hand, would break any jaw with a punch on the mark.

The welfare system should issue dollar coins instead of a debit card. When I started working at W.F. Hall printing company in Chicago in 1980, payday on every Friday was cash in a pay envelope. Wives hustled down to the factory at 3:30 PM to grab the pay envelope before the husband wandered into Teddy’s bar after work. I was an office worker so I got a paycheck, but factory workers took cash.

Please do not be shocked when you travel to Wisconsin. A whole lot of places don’t take a check. A whole lot of places want CASH! It’s a quaint concept. When I was working for TIME we went to a Wisconsin saloon to entertain a coworker at his favorite joint. My boss reached for his credit card and everyone was looking at the plastic card. “We don’t take credit!” So I had to reach into my pocket and pay cash for my boss. I don’t think he paid me back. That was back in the 1975, and he’s dead now so I guess I can write that off.

A whole lot of buddies of my oldest son don’t have credit cards. They got lousy rating due to the robust Obama economy. So they are forced to live using cash only. That’s not that bad. Welcome back to the stone age! Credit is not a right. Even the USA might get off the addiction to out of control borrowing through the US Treasury. More accurate is US Penury. We celebrate Obama having put the country into Penury instead of Treasury. Credit is not evil. However, dumb people like our fearless leader have no clue on how to handle credit. 18 trillion is not enough credit?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

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