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Nostalgia spitting etiquette!

January 15, 2014

TITANIC had this silly section of the movie with Leanord DiCaprio teaching Kate Winslet how to properly spit over the ship railing. So this rich girl newly poor was to be married to a rich guy she didn’t want. So she was stupid enough to keep a jewel worth a fortune only to throw it away from the guys looking for it after millions of dollars and years of work that only found a crazy old lady.

It seems curious that nobody spits anymore! How about the solemn hand shake when you spit into your palm before shaking to cement the deal?

The cuspidors and spittoons are still being bought by folks. A new historic recreation enterprise is HOBO JUNGLE. It will have hobo shanty’s for rent with a open air bar that bans women, has spittoons, sells cigars, sells cigarettes, chewing tobacco and no WiFi. Hard boiled eggs and jellied pig knuckles are bar snacks.

People are still spitting into the functional and ornate cuspidor. It used to be every saloon had a spittoon. (It bugs me to see my oldest son spitting into a narrow neck plastic soft drink bottle. At least he doesn’t chew when snow boarding.)

Expectorating is a natural part of our culture and history. Ornate or plain brass, no home is complete without a spittoon!

Titanic movie made a lot of money with people interested in seeing a ship sink.

Titanic movie made a lot of money with people interested in seeing a ship sink.

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