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Damn the Polar Vortex!

January 14, 2014

Today, we shut down our town! Schools closed early. Plow trucks are meandering down major thoroughfares. The wind is howling North Easter driving the new 9 inches of snow. It’s hard to see where there is a road with all the snow swirling in front of anywhere I go.

I welcome the Antarctic scientists who wanted more than anything to prove the global warming is a disaster for melting ice! They can’t get here for a couple of days with flights canceled due to Global Warming. I am willing to take a wild chance! How about using carbon based fuel for heat and utilities?! Coal, oil heating fuel, split wood are welcome in Wisconsin!

A new cult of Polar Vortex worshipers are praying to spare us from cold winds. All the hot air from global warming conferences has not helped the climate change! Anybody remember the frozen wooly mammoths and cavemen from the Ice Age? Some were frozen stiff in their tracks and are now in museums. None of the Antarctic scientists got such fame from their goofy ice junket! Any volunteers to human sacrifice to the Polar Vortex? The high priest Al Gore can organize this new ritual. It makes about as much sense as the hysteria of Global Warming potential apocalypse.

I can't warm the globe.  How about my house?

I can’t warm the globe. How about my house?

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