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Closing public parks and denying death benefits to soldiers!

January 12, 2014

News media has a new bone to chew over for months on end. Staff of governor Christie set obstacles to a Democrat city with Washington Bridge barricades. As a child of Chicago, I knew the Democrat mob took no prisoners denying the services of the city as leverage. Snow storms did not get plowed around political enemy territory, and complaints on the local television news were shrugged off.

It seems curious that news media remained deaf, dumb, and blind to Obama use of Chicago Democrat mob tactics himself. So to prove how bad Republicans were on enforcing the sequester Obama dreamed up in the first place, he set out a scorched earth campaign. WWII veterans were barricaded and denied access to open air public areas. Park forest land was “closed”, and any private business adjacent to these parks were closed to weddings, honeymooners, and vacationers. Soldiers killed during sequester were denied government death benefits of insurance, and family travel to meet their lost loved one. School children could not tour the White House. The staff of Obama did not give an inch on these meaningless and spiteful in your face refutation of the disease of sequester.

So the news media spins around howling about traffic lanes blocked on Washington Bridge as the story that blocks out all other previous issues of Libya slaughter of citizens in Benghazi and scattering illegal weapons by Attorney General to drug lords of Mexico. People died from Obama failures. People were inconvenienced with Christie scandal. News media obviously know Christie scandal is much more important than murder.

People died because of Obama policy decisions.

People died because of Obama policy decisions.

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