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Obama honored as Misanthrope of 2013!

January 6, 2014

The “golden chamber pot” has been awarded to our fearless leader for his heroic efforts of 2013! Margaret Thatcher was once considered for this award, but she fell short of this prize from the Curmudgeon Society of Bumbershoot University. It is the tradition for the prize winner to be poured a celebratory toast with a pint of golden ale into a chamber pot!

The extent of achievements improving the lot of the working man and tax payer in the USA astounded the award committee from Bumbershoot University. They never saw anyone in the history of the colonies that has done so little with so much rancor and name calling! Kenya can be proud and Indonesia can also take credit on sharing the gift of Obama to the USA. Since the expense of a gold chamber pot is excessive, the only gold in the pot will be the golden ale!

Sending thousands to be maimed and killed into combat with ridiculous restrictions on politically correct defense strategies ranks high as a factor in Obama’s favor. Releasing terrorists, sleeping through the Benghazi massacre of US staff, and being blissfully unaware of IRS persecution of political adversaries all merit recognition! He takes pleasure in drone killing as well!
The topper was ripping health insurance from families that they could afford, to be replaced by Obamacare policies that cost more and give less useful benefits tipped the scales!

There is an honorarium of a billion Bitcoins in addition to his own chamber pot!
Congratulations to our fearless leader and Misanthrope of 2013!

Even a king needs to sit on a throne!  Chamber pots for the seat of power!

Even a king needs to sit on a throne! Chamber pots for the seat of power!

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