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Ignore cold weather, climate change is worse!

January 6, 2014

Flights are canceled. Schools and governments are closed! People are dying because of the weather! NO, it is not “Global Warming”! We have record COLD!

What about the polar bears? Al Gore is worried that all this talk about record cold gripping the USA hides our global warming problem. Just because our average temperature is colder for the last 10 years, we are still getting warmer! Ignore the facts, just listen to the dire warnings!

Wasting time and money on global warming restrictions and regulations could be better spent. The most vulnerable are the poor and homeless dying in bitter cold. Maybe the global warmers should take 10% of their time to do charitable works to assist those in need to stay out of the frigid threat.

The “polar vortex” is Antarctic wind is dropping lower to shove brutal cold down onto the USA. Global warming is the reason the cold won’t stay north? We love the creative minds that didn’t predict or quantify this global warming change to the Polar Vortex before. But now it is clear, global warming is a hysteria in the scientific community that cannot admit they are wrong.

So now may the Polar Vortex be with us! It used to be the power of science to measure and provide means of predicting repeatable patterns. Now, we are just dreaming up excuses to keep fables alive.

We live in the rubble of the Ice Age in Northern Wisconsin where glaciers dragged boulders and stones across the country. We have Ice Age boulders scattered throughout the forest land. It seems to me that a climate cycle that brings the Ice Age happens with or without burning coal or other nonsense. I would like to know if we are in a climate cycle to another Ice Age. Too much time and effort is being wasted on chasing unicorns and global warming. We have seen a unicorn, but haven’t found global warming.

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

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