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We miss you, but stay a little longer in Hawaii!

January 5, 2014

The TWITTER world is silent while our fearless leader takes his LONGEST VACATION yet! We miss you terribly, but please take your time returning to the main land. The world has revealed more problems created by our inept administration.

Iraq is falling after we have lost thousands killed and maimed for life in the battle field victories lost at the peace table. Thank you for your sacrifice, because it means nothing to this president. My son has 2 army buddies that didn’t come back the same way he did. There are a few pieces missing, for the rest of their lives.

For some odd reason, Afghanistan is not eager to welcome advice from our secretary of state Kerry. Afghanistan is dictating to our secretary of state terms? How about Syria and Iran pushing us around? Oh yes, Libya liberation by out president went well too.

The Sisters of the Poor are evil religious zealots who refuse to pay for birth control pills and abortions. Cardinal Dolan was fed lies about how this would never happen to any Catholic organization with Obamacare! Those nuns live their lives helping the helpless as charity workers. They have some nerve challenging the superiority complex of our inept president.

The mountain of failure created by Obama is quite a landmark visible from outer space and to be studied by future generations impoverished by his economic meddling. Pretending he has done anything well requires great acting skills and a short memory of his audience.

Nobody wants to visit me!

Nobody wants to visit me!

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