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Job Recovery Act of Obama is historic!

January 2, 2014

Now is the time to take action! After 5 years, our fearless leader is ready to act! We have over 25 million new school graduates and older unemployed looking for work. You may have heard our president speak fondly of getting our country moving with “shovel ready jobs” many, many times.

Well now we will see the new millennium vision of the most brilliant thinker leading our country. We are giving worker loans to 25 million unemployed people to buy a shovel. The loans issued by the IRS will be distributed across this country to anyone who wants a shovel. You can be an illegal immigrant, staying past your visa, or have no intention of working. You can apply for social security disability because you cannot physically shovel after taking the loan.

Just imagine the joy of seeing Labor Day parades with 25 million shovels on display in every town’s parade!? There are EPA guidelines on who can shovel where with 25 permits before digging. The EPA will need to add another million paper shufflers to handle the 25 million shovelers!

Each shovel will have a GPS chip and a unique tracking identity assigned to each shoveler. The expense of this plan will be approximately $1,000 per shovel for a total expenditure of $25 billion dollars,

How about starting more factories to produce shovels, and maybe even wheel barrows? Why stop there? How about making barrel hoops for more wood barrels and buggy whips too? Obama bragged that USA sent a man to the moon 50 years ago. Maybe, he can consider something more productive than shoveling? This may take a panel of professors another 10 years to deliberate.

We don't need more oil workers.  We need shovelers!

We don’t need more oil workers. We need shovelers!

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