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Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!

December 31, 2013

There is good cause to celebrate the passing of 2013. Snowden left the USA as a top security clearance temporary worker with NSA files traveling to China and then Russia. That reassures me that the NSA does a great job of spying on everybody, except themselves. So our secrets are safe in China and Russia according to John Kerry because he was promised they wouldn’t look. Kerry didn’t bother recalling Snowden passport after his stealing files, so he could travel the globe with our hush-hush top secret information.

Obamacare is now officially the Affordable Care Act. Mostly to pretend he didn’t know the hell he let loose on our citizens. The IRS besides irritating all of us, chose special attention to patriot groups, veterans groups, and Tea Party groups to harass, audit, and call back again for another audit. The IRS guy that visited the white house 500 times, said it was for meetings on Obamacare. That’s reassuring that he was incompetent in the extreme on Obamacare too!

2013 was the official White House reply; “I don’t know. I found out when I read the news.” Now the news media seems to be asking more questions, and the president can’t wait now to read about it in the news, because he is the news!

Russia assisted our president on how to handle Iran. Putin kept our president out of Syria. We need to get to know Putin better here, since he is running the world now.

2014 will be a great year. There are signs that our citizens realize we got too many hobo folk around since our president promised to focus like a laser on improving employment 5 years ago. Citizens are trying to figure out what happened to them with Obamacare. The majority of citizens don’t want what our president dished out in 2013 anymore. We will have reason to celebrate for 2014!

Stay strong and love your family! 2014 is coming and it will be good! Happy New Year!

He is ready for a good 2014!

He is ready for a good 2014!

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