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2013 hurt feelings crusade?

December 28, 2013

We have the sense of touch with nerves that let us feel pressure, heat, cold, and pain. What people say or write does not exert pressure, heat, cold or pain on my nerves. I am weary of people whining about their feelings. When people complain that this or that hurt their feelings, they mean the external world needs to conform to their personal priorities. We all live in this world. We have a variety of people who have a variety of priorities.

There are people that read my blog with disgust, complete disdain, and contempt because the reader is always more brilliant, and certainly confident in knowing the truth! I enjoy the sport of a debate to employ both logic and examples from history to prove or disprove the merits of a position taken. But if you start whining and moaning that the process of dialogue and debate hurts your feelings, than what? My view and opinion is canceled out because we can’t debate or discuss anything that hurts somebody’s feelings!

The search for the truth usually upsets people. The quest does not require a pedantic professor. The quest is not the property of the wealthy. The quest is how each of us find our way to improve the world of those around us.

Life is complex. Our lives face challenges and changes that change continually. The truth is simple. If it is cold outside, I need to get my fireplace burning with the logs I split. I do not apologize or debate the need to keep from freezing to death. The wood we are burning are from the trees that died on our property. Dead trees will snap and fall from winds. Dead trees are a fire hazard in our woods. Clearing out the dead wood and burning it for heat helps the forest, and keeps us warm.

The scent of burning oak or cedar wood from our chimney is a good smell when taking the dogs out in the snow. This winter I don’t pay much attention to more than focusing on living a simple life. We all get a lot of problems tossed into our lives. I don’t need to invite problems, or change my way of life to suit somebody whining about their feelings.

The love of family and connecting with the people that matter in my life is the focus and I take the most direct simple path. I don’t expect to solve the world’s problems. It could be most of the problems, are mostly what we want that we’ll never get?

It's a cold winter so stay warm!

It’s a cold winter so stay warm!

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