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Lady with baby national threat?

December 27, 2013

Miriam Carey 34 years old died on October 3, 2013. She had her 1 year old child in her car and was driving toward the White House. For those who keep track of census statistics, she was an Afro-American. The heavy security population around the perimeter of our White House were telling her to stop her progress. A Secret Service agent moved a horse barricade in front of her approaching car, and got clipped and rolled off her car hood.

Now the she became a lethal security threat because she bumped somebody. Guns drawn, sirens wailing, and all forces mobilized. Miriam sped away. Poor decision but the use of force escalated. Her poor driving at higher speed let her be a shooting target in a highly populated tourist area? To no surprise she was shot dead. I don’t plan on driving in Washington D.C., but what if my cab driver becomes a security target for poor driving?

Her apartment was evacuated by police as hazardous material suited bomb squad types went through her apartment. They found some soiled diapers and she did not recycle plastic bottles. Both are capital offenses, of course.

She did have local police visit her apartment months before when she explained to the police that she was “the prophet of Stamford” and was being monitored by President Obama security systems. She was right about being monitored by NSA. However, as most people with mental issues, the local authorities make notes and then leave waiting for shootings, bombings, or car chases. Then the police can solemnly confirm they saw warning signs earlier.

She must have been a Democrat, because the commercial news media always highlight somebody killed was a Republican, or a Tea Party supporter, or a NRA member. Any criminal that has no political affiliation reported can be safely considered an average Democrat.

In France a crazy socialist rammed the iron gates at the French President’s residence. He was irate over cuts to cultural subsidies. He wasn’t shot or sent to jail. He left and France’s president said it was no big deal. France has higher taxes than us, but you won’t get killed in France as national threat for being upset and doing something stupid.

So our country today sends out SWAT Teams, tells citizens to stay in their homes or be shot, because the police can’t find a rogue cop in California. Then the rogue cop has his hostages escape to tell the police the bad guy is within 2 blocks of the command center handling his pursuit. More coffee and donuts needed at the command center would have got him!

Our security systems and procedures need some basic common sense. We know we got robots, drones, video, satellite surveillance, and command centers teeming with computers. How about some common sense?

End of the road for poor soul killed by police.

End of the road for poor soul killed by police.

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