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Let the Health Games begin!

December 25, 2013

Hunger Games was based on the entertainment from forcing people to compete for food. A representative from each district has their champion to bring home the bacon. Now we have the USA Health Games. It would be fair if we had champions to represent our districts through out the land. However, the game is rigged before it starts. Our fearless leader has doled out exemptions, subsidies (our money stolen from your taxes), and just changed the law to appease those pouring money into his pocket.

So moms and dads try to celebrate Christmas, while they don’t know if their health insurance enrollment actually did work so they have insurance starting 2014. Some moms and dads did not enroll because the Affordable Care Act was impossible to pay out of their budget. And next year tens of millions more will lose their health insurance as our president brags about 1 million enrolled in his Obamacare trap. “May the odds be in your favor!” We know our odds are slim so we need good luck.

It still puzzles me how Obama got into office as president and became a millionaire? Where did all this money come from? Oh yes, the whole country bought millions of his books. Or did corporate sponsors buy truckloads of books as payola? Bribes that don’t show up on the blind eye of the IRS looking away?

Life or death decisions made by doctors are turning points in life for every one of us. Pushing, shoving, and tying the hands of doctors helps save lives? The 25,000 pages of instructions, requirements, and red tape help doctors save our lives? I look forward to Michael Moore movie that will be an enthusiastic hearth warming endorsement of all the happy families saved by Obamacare!

2014 will be a turning point in our country’s history. The Prohibition of health choices and the penalties for helping the poor with charitable health care sounds like communist Russia. Is this the USA? The Christmas miracle of baby Jesus was also a tale of fear. The might of the tyrants that wanted to kill the baby as a threat to their power is not a myth or fairy tale. The poverty and the miracles of eluding the death squads for Mary and Joseph made the life of Jesus more amazing. All of us are enemies of the state if we challenge the Health Games!

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