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Merry Christmas and joy to the world!

December 24, 2013

This new year will be our best year! The miracle of our Savior’s birth is like a seed that starts growing anew in the hearts of our citizens. A new life demands much attention and tender loving care. If we ignore the baby, then we are killing the miracle of our salvation. The tyrants feared the birth of this savior to usurp their power of domination and slavery.

How can a baby overthrow the Roman empire? How can we stop the egotistical arrogance of dictating to us how we need to live our lives in the USA? Jesus did not lead an army and was not a warrior to conquer kingdoms. The power of truth and devotion is greater than any billionaire political action committee. We need to unite, and support those who defend our freedom from the infringing of the wise guys ridiculing our beliefs and heritage. Our big shot critics look like they suck on lemons with a sour puss.

We are happy warriors to defend our Constitution. From the Minute Men who were musket men hunters that showed up and fought the British Empire, we have strong convictions. We are a nation of laws to protect us from the infringements of our own government. When our laws are twisted, ignored, and changed by whim of some dimwit in our White House, then we need to enforce our laws and our Constitution or lose our rights.

Most of our fellow citizens are starting to wise up on the lies, deception, and incompetent bending of laws going on right now. All we need is the spirit and joy that is our heritage from the pilgrims who came to our wilderness to practice their religion and beliefs free from government persecution. We would be idiots to let what the pilgrims started, get stolen by liars, cheats, and lazy politicians.

My vision of Christmas is made brighter by the bright lights of my young sons and their buddies who are strong of heart, firm in resolve, and not waiting for our government. The military vets know that government rules and regulations won’t keep you alive in battle. These volunteers willingly went into battle, even as politicians are yanking away at the meager benefits of military.

2014 will be our best year to keep the flame of liberty alive and brighter!

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