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“Quit picking on him! He did the best he could!”

December 20, 2013

We all got a son, daughter, or relative that always seems to lose their wallet, keys, can’t keep a job, and forget about balancing a check book. The latest polls on the popularity of our government services says nobody is happy. Hey, get off his back. Obama is doing the best he can. So, it’s pretty miserable. Hey, he’s doing his best, but it’s just terrible.

We are not supposed to keep score at sports events. We are not supposed to have an honor roll based on actually being the best at academics. We tell all our school children that it’s okay to be dumber than 75% of school children from other countries. Just pay the union teachers more, and come up with more federal guidelines on education to make them dumber. The USA is politically correct and totally stupid.

So, the USA population wants to be coddled and given stuff thanks to Obama. However, the natives are restless. Obama can’t even give us stuff without screwing it up. He’s giving us health insurance. He’s giving us free telephones. He’s giving us free education with dumber graduates. He’s giving us stuff that doesn’t work and is costing us more than before! It seems people don’t want that!

President Obama will rank below Millard Fillmore as forgotten presidents. We can’t forget him soon enough. When is he leaving office? How about he follows president Nixon’s exit plan?

Why worry about little people?

Why worry about little people?

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