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Support to Hobo Duke denied by Jane Fonda?!

December 15, 2013

The FONDA FOUNDATION in Atlanta, Georgia has been swamped by requests for assistance. In the last 5 years, no assistance to anybody anywhere came from Jane’s foundation. She is chairman, president, treasurer, and like our president is in the land of “I don’t know”! This foundation does pay the chairman, plus the president, plus the treasurer a lot of money each year. Her challenge is to schedule meetings where the chairman, president and treasurer can be available to handle foundation business.

Uncle Stosh plans on a hobo migration to Atlanta during the winter. We look forward to camping in Jane’s backyard and setting up our hobo jungle. Jane has ignored the hobo cause! We have not seen one nickel of donation. Nobody has seen a nickel for years for charity.

This will be exciting to see Jane at her home. Some of our Viet Nam veterans still carry their Hanoi Jane pictures seated on a anti aircraft gun grinning in joy with fellow communists. Jane has always donated the same amount to Disabled American Veterans every year. NOTHING!

The surest way for the IRS to pay attention to the FONDA FOUNDATION is to put out full page thank you advertising on NBC and The New York Times for her support of TEA PARTY. The IRS will show up with FBI immediately and confiscate all of her financial records for the last 5 years. Right now only FOX News is talking about her and the IRS is waiting for NBC to confirm her disloyalty.

Jane Fonda hides her money as a charitable foundation.

Jane Fonda hides her money as a charitable foundation.

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