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Celebrating our heritage at Christmas

December 14, 2013

Back in 2008 our country was worried if we were sliding into a national Depression! We were feeling anxious that our son was in Iraq and far away from us as Christmas was coming. Like most folks, the future did not seem worth celebrating. At the same time, I felt we needed to celebrate anyway! Even though we didn’t have a lot of extra cash, we went to see the traveling Rockettes Holiday show in our area.

It had fabulous music, singing, dancing, and classic Rockettes costumes including “toy soldiers” segment in a great show. I needed something to help get me into the Christmas spirit! Bought some souvenirs for my wife as keepsakes from a great show. My greatest pleasure was that our high school son enjoyed the show without complaining!

Traditions in culture, entertainment, and music are all appreciated and enjoyed during Christmas. It is sad that too many families have been through deprivation, poverty, and losing family members during the last 5 years of economic strife and ongoing wars. Our son came home in 2010, and that was our greatest blessing.

We need to celebrate the promise of Christmas more than ever. The millions losing their health insurance for the new year are facing fear, uncertainty, and an economic burden on top of the normal challengers in raising a family. I can’t tell what it will be, but we need a Christmas miracle for 2013!

We can’t make miracles, but I do appreciate the magic from enjoying the great talents in the Rockettes Holiday show.

Rockettes marching in Boston 2010 courtesy of Boston Globe story.

Rockettes marching in Boston 2010 courtesy of Boston Globe story.

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