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The last one leaving Washington D.C. turn off the lights!

December 9, 2013

We can celebrate that the United States Senate, the House of Representatives, and even our fearless leader will be leaving our nation’s capitol! Obama will be seeking as much media spotlight time as possible with memorial service marathon for Nelson Mandela. Africa estimates all of the visiting dignitaries will add to at least 2 billion dollars to their economy. Us working stiffs can be left to enjoy life without preaching, prodding, and no new laws! Thank you Jesus!

We do have bureaucrats looking to spend all of their budget in December this year, so we can only hope no new regulations on top of the 75,000 the created this year! Have some more cocktails and go to Las Vegas for some multi million dollar conferences!

I would be happy to wave farewell as they all leave in a mass exodus!

Wish our president would fill up Air Force One with all his dad’s family here in the USA illegally. They are robbing us blind as leeches stealing benefits for “refugees” from work.

We will find a way to go on every day on our own. Don’t rush back!

Come fly with the trillionaires!  Life is good at the top!

Come fly with the trillionaires! Life is good at the top!

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