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“There ought to be a law!” It’s too cold!

December 8, 2013

Bar room solutions to life’s problems include the old bromide that “There ought to be a law!” It implies that if we ruled the world, than we would have a law to solve the problem vexing us.

Our country is in the icy grip of “climate change”! Ice storms, snow storms, below zero temperatures, and we huddle to stay warm and safe from deadly winter storms. The forces of nature dwarf the power of man.

It seems stuff that we are doing creates this weather that can kill us? Are we creating global warming? Are we creating global cooling? Or are we just talking about the weather? We are in awe on the might and power of nature to remind us our place in the scope of the world is pretty small. The Darwin believers knew our ancestors were monkeys hiding from storms. The atheists love to complain about the weather as proof that if there is a God, then why do we suffer with killing storms?

I appreciate the firewood blazing in our cast iron stove today. I am grateful that we can communicate with family to know they are fine during this powerful winter.

Our son sent a thermometer picture from Bozeman, Montana. Next week he will be in a group field trip for avalanche training on rescue and survival. You are more at risk when high winds and -15 degree temperatures when you are playing on snow covered mountains. But that is the amazing spirit of man to not only overcome the challenges of winter, but turn it into fun and games! Some mountain biker buddies spend winter ice climbing the mountains nearby Bozeman for recreation! Darwin talks about the concept of survival of the fittest in nature. My son and his buddies are definitely candidates to survive as the fittest!

President Obama can be happy that there are so many shovel ready jobs thanks to these storms! Utility trucks are crawling across the storm areas to restore electric power service. People with snow shovels are clearing snow in places that don’t get snow.

We don’t need more laws! The spirit of freedom and adventure of our “millennial” generation is inspiring and reassuring. They are not looking for laws or advice on how to take on the world. They are going FORWARD! Wisconsin motto I love is the spirit we live. We only got -9 below zero!

Big Sky country knows winter better than most!

Big Sky country knows winter better than most!

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