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A Date which will live in infamy!”

December 7, 2013

President Roosevelt declared this date to be remembered forever in the USA as “a date which will live in infamy!” The lessons from this date in our history are being long forgotten. The nuclear ambitions to control the world by Iran, North Korea, China, and our old ally/enemy Russia remain real threats to our existence.

So we remember the attack, but we ignore the same decisions that led to war back then as now. We ignored threats from small countries with ambitions of ruling the world. We let our military readiness lapse into being ready for costume parades and Washington D.C. reassuring the country we are protected by hollow armies.

There is a group of former top military leaders that are attempting to warn those who will listen to these concerns. Military battle experienced generals are being shown the door. Our volunteer military see that their benefits, their pay, and their families are selected to bear more sacrifice.

Our allies are being ignored today, just as in in 1941. However, the weapons of war will not give us the luxury of time as 72 years ago. At some point, our enemies will be tempted to take what they most desire and violate our treaties with allies. Our allies do not rest easy with our reassurances.

Japan attacked USA 12/7/1941

Japan attacked USA 12/7/1941

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