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Whitehouse Christmas “knockdown game”

December 6, 2013
Lame white girl knocked down by Michelle's pet Sunny for Christmas!

Lame white girl knocked down by Michelle’s pet Sunny for Christmas!

High on my list of things that piss me off, are pet owners who can’t control them. Neighbors with dogs that have to run up to your property to take a dump are always fun. My dogs are always leashed when we are off property, unless hunting in the woods. If you can’t control your dogs, then you can’t be too bright to be outsmarted by your dog. Michelle wanted happy Kodak memory pictures of entertaining disabled and disadvantaged children with a Christmas gathering. Broccoli, colon cleansing sauerkraut, and speeches on Obamacare were festive treats for these children.

Suddenly, this out of control crippled white girl with a walker forced Michelle’s dog Sunny to attack by her taunting and smacking her dog. Or maybe, Michelle is a dumb ass that handles dogs by yanking and strangling the dog in the process. So this little girl got assaulted and knocked down in the White House! Merry Christmas! This is a cherished memory for me.

Her husband was busy intervening in dozens of Kenya relatives from his father’s family here illegally for decades without any visa or citizenship. At least Jimmy Carter had legal relatives that were funny. Obama has illegal immigrants that are criminals!

Merry Christmas from the White House! For some reason this never was shown on television? I will always enjoy this Christmas gift from White House!

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