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Listen to the people chant REPEAL!

December 5, 2013

Today has greater significance as the anniversary date of 21st Amendment to our Constitution! The people of the USA took a detour from sanity thanks to The Christian Women’s Temperance Union back in January 16, 1919. They harangued their husbands, their relatives, their neighbors on the evil influence of any drink with Alcohol! Thus came the 18th amendment to silence these harpies of Christian virtue wore down the will of men to protect the heritage of humanity to enjoy beer, wine, corn liquor, and so many different liquors.

However, the USA does not wrap itself in the cloak of hypocrisy to appease busy body self appointed do gooders. We tolerated criminals delivering prohibited liquor in great demand across the USA. Organized crime thrived and flourished to provide the forbidden beverages to the country. “Bootlegger” gangsters unleashed rampant brutality and murders to protect their newfound wealth from honest citizens. Farmers and country folk brewed their own corn liquor, as pilgrims from colonial days.

REPEAL of 18th amendment was done in 21st amendment today in 1933. It is amazing that 14 years of prohibition existed in the USA. The countries around the world had to wonder on the sanity of our citizens. The countries around the world did not see the morality and virtue demonstrated in the USA as improved during Prohibition. REPEAL did not see the country decline and turn away from virtue.

No one can legislate, enforce laws, and drive anyone to some cult concept of what is “good” or “evil”. Only the USA is goofy enough to wander into such territory. Obamacare is just another detour in The Twilight Zone of social engineering and holier than thou oratory on the virtues of confiscating our insurance premiums for a greater cause.

Women of loose moral character campaigned for repeal of PROHIBITION!

Women of loose moral character campaigned for repeal of PROHIBITION!

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