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We got too many laws ignoring laws of nature!

December 1, 2013

When it rains, why does it have to pour? Why do we have thunderstorms? Why do we have earthquakes? Why do we have gravity? Asking “why?” is normal. We learn how things work as observers. We do not make gravity. We do not make weather. We know that the forces of nature can bring life or death if you do not recognize what is happening. We do not create the laws of nature if we merely observe the effects.

Politicians brag about the laws they pass in legislature. The laws of nature are more efficient. We have tons of paper printed with man made laws. The law of gravity has men buried under these tons of man made laws. The laws of nature continue without a single vote or speech on the wisdom of the laws.

Humanity has a blessing in our capacity to modify our immediate environment. The discovery of fire profoundly changed our chances to survive. Of course, now we are lectured and scolded on the use of wood for heat or bon fires. This will destroy our environment. Of course. wildfires burning 50,000 acres of woods ignited by dead trees in forests is our fault too. We are too stupid to clear dead trees and brush that ignite millions of trees. Tree huggers “feel good” about saving fire hazards like dead trees and dead brush. Where are these tree huggers as fire fighters die, and tons of live trees are consumed in fire by this dead kindling?

Our country needs to focus on the laws of nature as we add tons of additional laws of man. Children are not programmed like a computer. Children have natural needs and activities that are ageless. This includes boys allowed to grow up as boys and girls allowed to grow up as girls. Children before puberty are not making sexual choices for gay/lesbian/transgender on why they prefer to play tag or pick flowers.

Dead trees can be harvested to end wildfire fuel.

Dead trees can be harvested to end wildfire fuel.

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