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Iran claims President Obama lied?!

November 28, 2013

Iran defies our fearless leader. The deal is not even done, and Iran concerned on Obama version of what was agreed. “If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes! PERIOD!” It seems Iran was not supposed to be so direct on sharing information. We know that our president would never mislead or make false claims!

Obamacare web site would be running by end of November. Maybe not?

IRS targeting Tea Party non profit groups will set new rules so Tea Party never can be approved as non profit! Obama never knew, didn’t approve this, until he approved it!

We all were told that a YOUTUBE video making fun of Islam made a mob kill our ambassador in Benghazi! Obama never said that!? That’s what he claimed during televised presidential debate with Mitt Romney. So how can you debate with somebody that lies? Plus who will call Obama a liar? IRAN!

Putin pulled Obama by his nose away from Syria. Obama seems to have forgotten all about Syria? Before Putin shut Obama down, fearless leader was ready to get military involved!

As we give Thanks to God for our blessings today, I am grateful that I trust my fellow citizens to be more honest than our president. Our president can’t remember all the lies, so it does get confusing now to know which lie is now true?

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

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