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Where are the adoring throngs?

November 24, 2013

Our fearless leader has been recognized by Gentleman’s Quarterly! GQ selected Miley Cyrus to join president Obama on the list of “least influential celebrities”! Who should be more pissed off; Michele Obama or Billy Ray Cyrus? Both of them are leeches living off the celebrity loser.

Right now, even as we are blogging, Obama is solving unemployment. Just change the numbers! Obama is solving global problems. Just sign agreements with Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, and heck he would even sign an agreement with Putin but he won’t waste his breath showing up. Obama is solving immigration. He wasn’t enforcing security at our borders for years anyway. It seems he is doing all this while in his pajamas on his computer, just like me!

Oh yeah, OBAMACARE is not a problem because he did not endorse the Affordable Health Care Act! It was Mitt Romney that set this up, with George Bush! And who set up those fake video clips of speeches making Obama say; “You can keep your plan! PERIOD!” Anyway, NBC is not reporting any of this so this is all hear say.

Plus, Obama did say Benghazi WAS NOT MOB ATTACK BECAUSE OF A YOUTUBE VIDEO! Only Susan Rice said that, and Hillary Clinton! Why is Congress wasting time on 4 murdered citizens? “What difference does it make?!”

What matters is why children are not kissing his feet? How come women are NOT swooning at his presence? The dumb masses fail to acknowledge they are in the presence of our SUPREME LEADER! In fact, people BOO him?!



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