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Welcome to Neverland!

November 17, 2013

Adults are children at heart! Peter Pan with Tinker Bell battling Captain Hook is a favorite childhood fairy tale. They all lived in “Neverland”. What we are witnessing today is a president living in his own fairy tale? Nobody told him the problems on Affordable Care Act? Were the Republicans in Congress not sending out warning flares? Our fearless leader insisted all is in readiness to implement new insurance exchange. Until it didn’t work, then a delays seems prudent!

Welcome to Neverland! Our president never knew anything. Our president continues to stay ignorant on purpose. We’ve heard it all before, again, and again. He learned about the IRS persecuting and delaying Tea Party groups in the newspaper. The IRS stopped doing it after he learned. Except, the IRS kept doing it after he learned. He never knew they didn’t stop? He never knew Fast and Furious guns killed our citizens? He doesn’t know why Eric Holder doesn’t know about it? The millions of canceled policies makes him feel sorry? Why should he be sorry? Because we found out? Or because he can’t pretend he didn’t know more will get canceled next year?

The House of Representatives in Congress are holding hearings and bringing truth to light. The fairy tales from Neverland may be ending soon. Our president is not a very good story teller anyway. I do admit that Eric Holder and B.O. do enjoy telling whoppers!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

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