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“Sorry folks” does what to help?

November 14, 2013

Once upon a time, when a law was passed by Congress, than the President was to enact the law. It seems the law for Affordable Care Act is so screwed up, our president who was the master mind behind this law expects to change the law because he is so smart? How do we trust this guy to change a light bulb, without a major power outage? So laws are a free pass to do whatever you dream up as president?

I am totally confused now. The Republicans were going to ruin the country and kill people by delaying ACA for another year! Ted Cruz was an idiot and Harry Reid knew ACA was ready to roll. Granny Pelosi passed the bill she still never read and she knew Boehner was evil trying to delay ACA for a year. BUT NOW WAIT A YEAR IS GOOD? Democrats who can’t operate a shovel or invest in a solar plant that isn’t bankrupt, seem ready to take a timeout. However, a law that has dates to take effect cannot be altered without congressional amendment to the law.

So our president confused us more today. What did he say today? What is happening now? Does anyone know? When your insurance ends at end of December, what happens? The insurance company that canceled millions to meet the ACA dictated rules, are now being told never mind? What does that mean?

Humpty Dumpty has been tipped off the ledge and shattered to pieces. Now the people who shoved him over to crash, say we don’t want to smash himt now! How do we go back after you smashed the egg?

We don't know how to glue humpty dumpty back together again!

We don’t know how to glue humpty dumpty back together again!

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