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We are a nation of pioneers!

November 13, 2013

Pioneer spirit is alive and well in our sons and daughters born since 1990! My son was 11 years old when we saw death and destruction of innocent people on 9/11/2001. I wondered how he thought of the world after this cowardly attack on civilians in the USA. I didn’t have to wonder as I saw his independent spirit.

He became capable of camping, cooking, living in the wilderness through the Boy Scouts experience. I was proud of his love of nature’s challenges. Hiking, mountain climbing, canoe trips and the snow in winter or thunderstorms in summer never stopped an expedition! During this process, he was not a poster boy but he was becoming a man. After somehow graduating from High School, I suggested he consider a military transition to find his path. He served in Iraq. He came home a man that saw the variety of men around the world.

His generation is the new greatest generation. He did not get drafted to go into combat. He volunteered with thousands his age. This proves we are a strong country with a strong future. He is now working through the winter at a ski resort with an army buddy, with the benefit of 3 hours of slope time every day. He plans on moving to California with 2 army buddies who came home but not completely in the same physical condition as when leaving. They will all help each other face the future as our generation of leaders.

We have never seen the future of our country in better hands! They don’t have tolerance for politically correct nonsense. They have been through life and death situations. That kinds of cuts down the importance of bureaucrat babble! If you been in combat you know that the guys who write “the book” don’t have to live through war. We got great veterans ready to take the lead of our country.

Ready to conquer the world!  Proud of you!

Ready to conquer the world! Proud of you!

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