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Would you believe? You don’t need a NAVIGATOR!

November 10, 2013

Some citizens selected by FOX to be interviewed by Chris Wallace educated us more than Sibelius or Obama. Nobody reading this will get a subsidy. So what? That means there is no need to sit on the Affordable Care Act web site. The only reason you NEED to use that ACA site, is to estimate your subsidy. None of us are getting any subsidy.

Who is entitled to a subsidy? Poor people, millionaire senators and millionaire congressmen get subsidies.

Who gets exemptions from needing to use approved ACA health insurance coverage? Donors to Obama, unions voted for Obama, and some lobbyists that promised Michelle Obama honorary corporate positions for big bucks are exempt.

We know the people who will collect all of your personal financial information have not met any MINIMUM screening requirements to prevent criminal use of data. So, why even bother giving them information? Just go to the insurance companies providing health coverage that meets the expanded coverage requirements of ACA. Their websites are not malfunctioning. Their staff will not demand personal financial information to get information.

So the government system is supposed to handle the entire country, when only 5% of the population will qualify for any subsidy. So why shove 95% of the population to be told, YOU DON”T QUALIFY! Maybe, the government likes getting personal information on everybody in the country. Obama loves NSA, drones, and any snooping on everybody.

Cancer patients with canceled insurance have no chance of getting their original insurance replaced. SORRY means nothing, because no action is being taken to restore the victims of Obamacare. Being stupid is no excuse. We are dealing with incompetent stupid White House.

Carney is so dumb his notes are inked on his hand so he won't forget.

Carney is so dumb his notes are inked on his hand so he won’t forget.

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