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Cancer patient chooses death after Obamacare causes his premium to increase by 833%

November 9, 2013

We know there are too many cases to get onto television. We cannot let our fellow citizens die under the thumb of our government Obamacare.

Fellowship of the Minds

Bill ElliottHere’s another victim of President Lucifer’s Obamacare.

Bill Elliott has cancer. He had a healthcare plan that had paid for “just about everything” of his cancer treatment, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices like MRI. He had doctors whom he “loved” and his premium was $180 a month.

But Elliott, like hundreds of thousands of Americans, got a cancellation notice from his medical insurance BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.

So Elliott tried to find a new health plan that would take him. But his insurance premium will be $1,500 a month — an increase of 833% from his old premium. An MRI under the new healthcare plan will cost $3,000 out of pocket.

And so, Elliott has decided he will just pay the $95 Obamacare penalty by NOT getting medical insurance because “I won’t put a burden on my family.” He will “let nature take its course.”

In other words, he is choosing…

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