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Father, husband will die instead of paying Obamacare!

November 8, 2013

Megyn Kelly had interviewed on national television on November 7, 2013 a man describing his problems with Affordable Health Care act. He had cancer and was battling the disease. His current insurance is canceled because the new minimum requirements for abortions, free birth control, etc. forced his insurance company to cancel or be prosecuted by federal government. His canceled insurance did cover his cancer expenses and permitted the medical group he wanted to provide service. The new insurance exchange says no way!

The new improved superior benefits for his pre existing condition increase the premiums over double and the deductible is $12,000 before insurance covers anything. He decided that he will “let nature take it’s course”. He will die instead of impoverish his family and spending all of their disposable income on his health care. We don’t need to wait for the death panel. He has told the world that the new health care act has him choosing to let the disease devour his life. Does this bother anyone?

This is not the USA! In Wisconsin we run fund raisers for families fighting cancer bills. We can start a national fund for this guy. His family heard and saw him announce his choice under “Obamacare”, which is to die instead of drag family into poverty. We can’t promise a cure, but we can promise a fighting chance for this man!

So some people will die with my new law!  So what?

So some people will die with my new law! So what?

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