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EPA to limit the bullshit coming from White House

November 5, 2013

In a surprise move, the EPA is considering the mental pollution poisoning the USA. There is a carbon dioxide limit on speeches from our president. Climate change is a real concern with the amount of speeches expelling carbon dioxide in record amounts. In addition, limits on hazardous organic waste that is normally known as bullshit are being considered. We are just starting to measure the volume of bullshit from our chief executive.

We knew that is/was our fault on not understanding what the president meant us to hear. We thought we were told that health care would not change for citizens who liked their insurance coverage and their doctor. We were wrong! We did not sift through the bullshit carefully enough. He did say somewhere sometime to somebody that if anything at anytime anywhere changes on your health insurance policy, then policy needs to get canceled. We are so sorry that we missed spending hours sorting through all the bullshit. So it is our fault. THANK YOU PRESIDENT!

We were too stupid to understand that over 100 million insured citizens have to lose their health insurance, in order to provide coverage for 5 million uninsured. Of course, our president will not be using this national mandatory health insurance! The laws are for us stupid people. The smart people won’t have to be dealing with the Affordable Health Care navigators.

We are sure EPA will not enforce the limits on bullshit for our president. However, our president assured us that everything he told us is accurate! A lot of people were worried they could not keep their family doctor, so that’s a relief! NOW WE CAN BELIEVE HIS BULLSHIT!

Look you people are too stupid to know what I said about health insurance!

Look you people are too stupid to know what I said about health insurance!

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