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Enemies love us, and nobody trusts USA

November 3, 2013

I am currently reading and meditating on the words of Theodore Roosevelt in “Fear God and take your own part” publication. Here is a man with a clear mind, and seeing the world dangers in all their complexities with a profound direct clarity. The price of cowardice comes high with the slaughter of innocents, and the weak emboldened into attacking the interests of the USA as well as allies. President Woodrow Wilson claim to fame was being a leader of peace, as the death count mounted. We entered World War 1 anyway under this “peace president”.

Our current fearless leader is “Woodrow” Obama. As Wilson, he launched a couple of little wars without Congress. When real threats emerged, Obama ran to Congress for cover on his inaction as in Syria and Iran and North Korea and Somalia. Anyway, the countries of the world can see and don’t need to hear promises from “Woodrow” now. Treaties are not to be honored. Rules are meant to be bent by international courts to favor the tyrants. Allies are being spied upon, and countries that have endured a decade of war are being abandoned. Our enemies don’t need to worry. Putin has ahead in a chess game, while Obama golfs. Our country has no chief executive, but a insurance sales man.

Libya was attacked and left open to our enemies to control. Our Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered, and our government did nothing. Citizens ignored government orders, and went to Stevens assistance and to their deaths. Today, the cowards and rats are hiding in the shadows. “What difference does it make? They’re dead!” Hillary Clinton has a special section in hell reserved for her great service to the devil.

We citizens are not able to reassure our allies as the leader of this country. What our enemies measure is the strength and courage of the citizens of the USA. We are a strong country with citizens who do lay down their life to protect our citizens and our timeless values embraced from our Creator. Our enemies know that we will not tolerate or accept the submissive and appeasing leadership of our current White House.

As under Wilson, we are woefully under prepared for the many trials and tests that our emboldened enemies continue to torment our indecisive “Woodrow”. The unjust peace agreement at the end of WW 1 set the next world war in motion. An unjust peace agreement can stop the battles, but does not end the warring animosity.

Putin at military planning council in China.  They are planning a picnic for USA.

Putin at military planning council in China. They are planning a picnic for USA.

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