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We cannot be safe if nobody is crazy!

November 2, 2013

I grew up in the dark ages and primitive days of mental health. Yes, I remember stories of people sent to a mental asylum. The simplistic and stupid idea, was to protect sick people from harming themselves, and from harming unsuspecting people in the community. Of course, with our more enlightened view of today, it is profiling and denying civil rights to avoid having mentally deficient people in a safe environment. It is much better to have them cast into the street, or holding their parents hostage in fear as their son or daughters stops taking prescribed medicine.

So communities don’t spend the money to oversee and protect those needing help. So we get to see stories of massacre in a naval office complex with someone being controlled by ultra low frequency messages. So we get LA airport shot up by a suicidal ill TSA killer. Or our favorite, school children getting mowed down by a boy who did not belong living at home, but in a mental asylum. Yes, the ACLU has helped us keep crazy and mentally ill people wandering our streets.

Lets lock up our guns. But wait, what about people who drive cars for no reason into crowded sidewalks or mow down motorcycle riders on the road? Well, lets lock up our cars. But wait, what about people who take knives to slash and kill people? Well, lets lock up knives. It is cruel to treat mentally unstable crazy people as crazy. I am not talking about the ACLU lawyers who have left crazy people free to kill or injure anyone. I am talking about the local government officials who have not funded and closed mental facilities. Sure it saves money. We just have to collect bodies around the country of citizens killed by crazy people free to roam.

If we ignore crazy people, they don’t disappear. They just show up to shoot people, slash people, and mow down people with their car. Yes, we need to celebrate our tolerating crazy people. In some cultures, crazy people are seen as sacred since they are somehow special getting messages in their head. The majority of the citizens have no say in this current practice of free range crazy people roaming our streets.

Poster boy of brain washed mentally ill mass killer!

Poster boy of brain washed mentally ill mass killer!

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