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Promises, promises, promises are not what was said?

October 29, 2013

If I’m going to lose thousands of dollars, can I have a little fun at least? The health insurance deductibles (that means I pay instead of my insurance) will increase by thousands of dollars. The cost of this “improved” insurance coverage so that I can get an abortion or maternity care as an old male hobo are as important to me as getting invited to donate money to Obama. Anyway, let’s all go to Las Vegas and throw around $5,000 instead!

It seems through the hundreds of speeches, television interruptions, and barn storming speechifying around our country spoke our fearless leaders on his Affordable Health Care law. We cannot blame him for getting all the facts wrong! We cannot question why he promised, promised, promised that we could keep our health insurance. OH WAIT! Our president’s administration changed by regulation the coverage health insurance MUST INCLUDE! Gee, the insurance companies COULD NOT EVEN OFFER YOU THE HEALTH INSURANCE ANYMORE!

Those nasty insurance companies are the bad guys of course. Our president had no idea that his regulations by his staff would prosecute insurance companies that would dare to offer health insurance not including abortions?

Never mind, it’s only Obama telling us what sounds like a promise. Promises broken many times before. Coal workers losing jobs with new regulations nobody wants. Oil workers losing jobs with pipeline delays for 6 years. We need to know what our president means, not what he says. He means to ruin everything.

Why worry about little people?

Why worry about little people?

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