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Guess what? We’re stuck with him!

October 27, 2013
Nobody wants me to visit!

Nobody wants me to visit!

It’s sad when you find out that nobody wants you to visit. Our fearless leader can’t even get an invitation to visit little countries. 21 European countries don’t want to talk to Obama anymore. The Saudi Arabian leaders don’t roll out the prayer rug for Obama anymore. Russia is busy entertaining Snowden, and don’t need our president around. China is too busy building the world’s largest military force, and don’t want to entertain him and Michelle again.

We’re lucky there is no Olympics meeting for him to screw up again, like he did for Chicago’s bid. Richard Nixon was able to travel the world as a powerful and influential leader, even during Watergate. Nobody wants Obama to visit them. Wish he would take more vacation time at least so we don’t have to keep listening to his speeches.

We are stuck with Obama, and he won’t leave the country. At least we got football, hockey, and basketball. Just keep him off ESPN! We got Obama fatigue.

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