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Everybody does it! Great excuse?

October 27, 2013

The allies we used to have, cannot trust us anymore. One small pebble in the shoe, is the revelation of massive NSA collection of email, phone calls, and medical records on every country in the world. The justification is so lame it can only be our commercial news media willing to accept it. “Everybody does spying.” The difference is the concept of spying on limited and specific concerns. The USA solution is to cast a net over everyone in the world to sift out grains of sand at the beach. To say this is overkill is an understatement.

Anyway, if you hired a bungling private detective to follow your wife, do you think your wife would say “I know you love me honey, and that you trust me!”? Or would she take a frying pan over your head? Let’s get real. We trust our allies, and we know they spy on us, so anything we do is fine? My wife would file for divorce, and I would have to ask myself “why did I ruin my marriage with this spying?”

Anyway, don’t expect snuggling and warm fuzzy feelings anymore from our former allies and former trusting allies. We have been arrogant and domineering under Obama. Drone strikes have slaughtered hundreds of innocent citizens on our “targeted” missions of drone attacks. John Kerry piled onto the Viet Nam war atrocity witch hunts after the war. Where is John Kerry on our paranoid spying and drone mass murders? Does our president recognize the hatred, and plans of vengeance against the USA is growing? It is too late, because the damage has been done. Apologies and marriage counseling meetings will not bring back our relations with former allies.

CONGRATULATIONS to our fearless leader. Just learned that 21 nations are united in protesting our spying on their leaders. He could never get 21 nations to ever get united on anything he did before! AWESOME!

Putin may be best buddy of Obama after our spying on allies.

Putin may be best buddy of Obama after our spying on allies.

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