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We are making more enemies and can’t buy friends!

October 25, 2013

It seems our country has wandered into a swamp. Of course we would never ask Duck Dynasty or anybody to help us find our way out. NO! We will just keep getting deeper into danger with our fearless leader.

NSA has been sucking up billions and billions of our tax dollars to protect us. They protect us by making more enemies of our country that won’t want to be allies in times of danger. So at last count; Brazil, England, France, Germany, and our old enemy that is laughing at us Russia. We got smaller enemies that are laughing at our inept, weak bungling, and continue to flaunt their defiance. Iran, Syria, North Korea, Somalia, and now here comes the real shocker. Saudi Arabia is very very upset with our bungling and floundering on Egypt, Syria, and Iran and they may rely more on Russia going forward.

So our ex allies are having a “come to Jesus” meeting to lay down their complaints. If we pretend they are fine and just kidding, then we will be really alone. You know, and I know that our president is so dense and lacks any sense of history on our relations with international allies. He will definitely screw this up. The ex-allies will leave as if everything is settled. Yes, it is settled. They are leaving us. Bye, bye!

So we are in so much trouble now, it’s too late for our president to repair the damage he did. His biggest priority is getting you to approve of a new hat for the marines? He can’t even win the small battles. We are in deep trouble.

Our enemies laugh at us. Our ex allies do not trust us. That means they won’t tell us important sensitive information, because knuckle head will put it in his next press release. Putin is running the world. Our president pretends that he got it. We got it bad, and that ain’t good.

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